Who We Are

Our team of professionals works for an agricultural based privately held investment company that makes a wide variety of strategic investments, including in commercial and residential real estate and farming properties throughout the Western US.  The team’s capabilities range from agricultural hands-on operational expertise to scientific research, legal, compliance, financial and tax.  The team members’ backgrounds include a deep breadth of experience in research, investigations, public accounting, private equity, and real estate investing experience. This group has broad backgrounds in environmental, finance and capital markets. Examples of professional appointments include: former Chair of a major California region of the California Water Board, former President of the Southern California Compliance Group, former officer of a major US city chapter of The Tax Executives Institute and current Chair of the Planning Commission for a major Southern California coastal city, and founding member of a DOJ initiated board for law enforcement/private security under Operation Cooperation, and a DOJ confirmed subject matter expert.

Additionally, we represent a privately funded Ireland Chartered company established in 2006, which developed a new technology to replicate the “fire communication” that causes roots and plants to grow at an accelerated rate and to anchor more effectively post fire events.  This process is verifiable in commercial greenhouse standard conditions and consistently produces plants with dramatically increased root and plant dynamics.  This thirty-year project was the genesis of a foundational research team comprised of internationally recognized scientists and other multi-disciplinary professionals.

The new technology is based upon and verified by a recently concluded 15+ year root study in which all relevant scientific standards and protocols were rigidly adhered to.