Our History

Prior to Pyrophilic Ltd.’s formation in 2006, its founders had already conducted over a decade’s worth of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) research relating to plant sciences in their agricultural operations.  Additionally, they have a history of farming thousands of acres of permanent crops. They realized then what has now become common knowledge: that NBS technologies are the only scalable economically viable solutions to modern day problems.  At Pyrophilic Ltd. we documented all their efforts and continued the research specifically looking into carbon and nutrient dense virgin and terra preta soils.  We then embarked on a journey to recreate these types of soils efficiently and safely for widespread use - not just to study and chronicle them as others had. 

We succeeded in creating what we call Pyrogenics,* a new science of plant signaling that when applied recreates these ultra-rich soils without use of fires, biochar, and other toxins that were utilized by the ancients.  Pyrogenics* is a NBS technology, not a CRISPR gene-editing or genetics modifying tech.  Instead, it signals to plants that they should grow like evolution intended. Pyrophilic,* the product we created can be applied in a variety of different ways and plants and grasses treated with it grow root systems that interact with depleted soils and rewild the soil.

Terra Preta* seeds, grains, produce, vegetation and plants that grow after the application of our technology are dynamically larger and more nutrient dense than comparable current products.  Our treated versions utilize plant signaling to more efficiently use available photosynthetic energy to markedly increase root biomass and water and nutrient uptake.  These roots pump carbon and rich exudates into depleted soils feeding diverse fire loving organisms, which we identify as Pyrobes.*  This drives carbon and nutrients into the soil. This process continues until the soils are eventually as carbon and nutrient dense as the virgin and indigenous soils of old. 


*   USPTO Filing Dates:

Terra Preta

Serial Number     78536721

Filing Date           December 21, 2004



Serial Number     78646810

Filing Date           June 8, 2005



Serial Number     77502677

Filing Date           June 19, 2008



Serial Number     78646758   

Filing Date           June 8, 2005